The effect Guided and Controlled Written Expressional Strategies in the Development of Expressional Skills of Secondary Stage Students in Jordan

Ali S. Hallaq, Abdelrahman Abed Al-Hashemi


This study aims at investigating the effect of using guided and controlled written expressional strategies in the development of expression performance skills of First Secondary Stage Students in Irbid Governorate. The sample of the study consisted of 150 male and females students representing 5. 25% of the population. These students were selected: 80 male students and 70 female. They were distributed over four sections deliberately selected from Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Comprehensive Secondary School for Boys and Ein Jalut Comprehensive School for Girls.
To answer the questions of the study, the following tools were employed: a list of the expressional skills criteria that the researchers prepared and used when correcting the expression topics written by the students, and the guideline that the researcher developed to teach guided and controlled written expression to First Secondary Stage Students.
The study shows that the guided expression strategy is more effective in the development of written expression performance than the controlled expression strategy, and there is no effect of any of sex variable on the development of written expression performance, and there is no significant effect of the interaction between the teaching strategies and gender of the student on written expression performance.


Teachingm, Strategy, Written Expressional

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