The Curriculum of the Arabic Language Grammar for the Upper Basic Stage in Jordan Between Planning and Implementation

Amin B. Al-Kukhon, Ihssan A. Yanes


This study aimed at revealing the extent of the actual curriculum of the Arabic language grammar for the upper basic stage is which congruent with the planned curriculum. The researchers analyzed the formal document of the program (the general framework, the general and specific outcomes related to the basic educational stage- the specific part related to Arabic language grammar). And critically analyzed the school textbooks to investigate the main components of the document, its basic issues.
The researchers conducted interviews with the developers of the programme, To have a complete vision about the programme and attended classroom sessions (periods) with three teachers teaching Arabic language for the upper basic stage (grades: eight, nine, and ten). Curriculum implementation was observed through observation sheet. The researchers made sure that the tools applied were valid by submitting them to a big group of students, adjusting them plus using a triangulation method.
The study findings revealed that the general framework and the general specific outcomes were made too general and undetailed except for two appendices at the end of the document. The results revealed a considerable difference between the prospected vision of the operational curriculum.


Actual Curriculum, Planned Curriculum , Triangulation Method

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