The Degree of History Teachers Use of Class Actions that Develop Student's Thinking Skills

Hani H. Obeidat


This study aimed to identify the degree of history teachers use of class actions that develop student's thinking skills. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher developed a note card included (17) descriptive of the teacher for the development of student's thinking skills. The validity and reliability of the note card were done. The application of this card on a sample of (45) male and female history teachers in Ma'an Directorate of Education, through the use of the direct observation technique.
The results of the study showed that the procedures sometimes are used by history teachers in classrooms that develop students' thinking skills. This means that the degreed use was low. Also, the results indicate that there is no statistically significant differences due to the sex, experience and qualifications on the level of use. The researcher recommended a number of recommendations including: training courses for history teacher that focus on the theoretical and practical parts to provide them with the skills in which to develop the students' thinking.


Degree, Class Action, Thinking Skills, History Teachers

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