Necessity of Difference of the Prevocational Education Curriculum Content According to the Students’ Gender: Perceptions of ٍStudents and Teachers

Monim A. Al-Sa'aideh


This study aimed to investigate the perception of learners and teachers about the necessity of difference of the prevocational education curriculum content according to the gender of learners, and to specify the topics preferred by male and female students. Two inventories were developed; one for students and the other for teachers. The sample of students consisted of 422 students (212 males and 210 females), in additions to (121) teachers. Results indicated that gender specificity of prevocational education is not clear in the curriculum, and students neither prefer nor enjoy subjects out of their gender roles. Male students have preferences different from females’. Students’ preferences differ according to the nature of the residence area and the grade. Teachers try to consider gender differences in selection of subjects, but workshop facilities and their original specialties limit their ability to do so.


Gender, Gender Differences, Prevocational Education, Curriculum and Gender

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