The Effect of a Multimedia Program for Teaching Group Sport Games on the Skillful Performance Level, Cognitive Achievement and Attitudes of 8th Basic Grade Students

Khalil Al-Balawi, Narjes Hamdi


This study aimed at pursuing the effect of a multimedia program for teaching the skills of group sport games on the eighth graders' performance level, cognitive achievement, and their attitudes toward it.

The study sample consisted of one section of the male eighth graders, the group was also randomly divided into two equal groups: an experimental group male students, received teaching through multimedia method, and a control group, received teaching using the normal method.

To the end of realizing the study objectives, the researcher designed an educational multimedia program for teaching three group sport skills, a cognitive achievement test, three tests for skillful performance level, and an attitude questionnaire about the use of the programs in the physical education area.

Pursuant to the data collection process, the analytic statistics results were as follows:

- There are statistically significant differences, in favor of the experimental group, on the skillful performance level tests and the cognitive achievement test.

- There are positive attitudes with the students of the experimental group towards the use of a multimedia program in teaching the group game skills.

The study recommended the use of multimedia teaching programs as a means for teaching sport skills due to the positive effects they have on the students' performance and attitudes.


Multimedia, Sport Group Games, Skillful Performance Level, Cognitive Achievement.

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