The Problems that Face Scholastic Sport at Educational Directorates in Zarqa Region

Abdulbaset M. Abdulhafez


This study aimed to identify the most of the problems that face scholastic sports in three Educational directorates in Zarqa region from Female and male physical Education teachers' perspectives. Also, to identify the problems that face scholastic sport accordingly to gender, educational directorate, experience, and scientific degree. The researcher has used a descriptive method by distributing a questionnaire consisting of five dimensions, which are: facilities, psychological factor and stimuli, view at physical education class, planning, and experience and learning technology. A questionnaire of (56) items has distributed on (187) female and male teachers. Results showed that the most common problem facing scholastic sport in Zarqa was absent of sport schools. The Less common problem was teaching physical education classes from unqualified teachers. Results showed also no significant differences belong to problems that face scholastic sport due to gender, experience, and scientific degree.


Scholastic Sport, Problems, Zarqa Region, Educational Directorate.

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