Organizational Climate and it's Relation with Specialist Performance Development of Sport Activity Circles at Jordan Universities

Nihad AlBatikhi


This research aims at recognizing organizational climate and it's relation with specialist performance development of sport activity circles at Jordan universities. The researcher used the descriptive method. The sample was selected purposively from specialists in sport activity circles at Jordan universities of (171) specialists as much as (119) male specialists, (52) female specialists representing Jordan universities. The researcher designed a questionnaire form as a method to collect data involving (7) axes which are: organizational structure – authorities and responsibilities – supporting management – human relations – rewards – performance – evaluation – specialists.
The researcher recommended the following:
- The necessity of sport activity circles officials at Jordan universities in their different management and functional levels with organizational climate elements without distinguishing them since these components can affect either negatively or positively on performance efficiency within activity circles to reach finally general goal achievement of sport activity circles that is preparing today student and future man in terms of a positive climate.
- Providing appropriate authorities for specialists responsibilities with emphasis on continuous circles evaluation in terms of objective standards.
Providing further training courses for specialists in sport activity circles with emphasis on the importance of approving these training programs in the light of specialists and their employers needs.


Organizational Climate, Sport Activity Circles, Jordan Universities.

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