The Effect of Activating the Previous Knowledge on the Reading Comprehension in a Sample of Students with Learning Disabilities in Amman City

Muna M. Amro, Mayada M. Al-Natour


This study aims at exploring the effect of activating the previous knowledge on reading comprehension for a student sample who are having learning disabilities in the fourth grade level. Moreover, the study tried to discover the effect of activating the previous knowledge on both the comprehensive reading within its lateral level and its inferential level and to investigate whether there are any differences due to the student’s gender.
The study sample consisted of sixty students (30 males and 30 females) with learning disabilities who can read at the fourth grade level and are placed in resource rooms in fourteen public and private schools which were randomly chosen from Amman’s educational directorates.
The sample members were distributed into two groups: an experimental group (30 students) who were educated by using the previous activation strategy, and a control group (30 students) who were taught by using the ordinary method. The comprehensive reading was measured for students by using a multiple choice test, which is intended to measure the comprehensive reading task in both levels (the lateral and the inferential), where this test has shown the required reliability and validity.
In addition, the analysis results showed the effectiveness of using the activating previous knowledge method in improving the comprehensive reading skill in both levels (the lateral and the inferential) in students with learning disabilities. Moreover, the results of the study showed no effect for gender on the students' comprehensive reading.
Finally, the study recommended that teachers of learning disabilities students should activate their students’ knowledge through providing them with previous knowledge on the topics which they study, as well as providing the essential training to use the strategy of activating the previous knowledge so as to improve their comprehension.


Learning Disabilities, Reading Comprehension.

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