The Effect of Verbal Ability and Number of Contexts in Deriving Meanings of Unknown Words and their Retention

Shadiah Al-Tall, Ahmad Al-Alwan


This study investigated the effect of verbal ability and the number of contexts in deriving meanings of unknown words and the retention of meanings according to verbal ability. To fulfill this, a verbal ability test was administered to students of (15) schools in the Directorate of Education/Salt. According to their scores, two groups were chosen; high verbal ability group (60 male and female students)and low verbal ability group (60 male and female students). Also, an instrument was developed to assess the ability to derive the meanings of unknown words from the context. The instrument consists of (30) contexts and contains (10) unknown words. Each word was put in one context, two or three. Students were randomly distributed to the contexts, and were asked to read the contexts and derive the meanings of the unknown words out of the contexts.
Results of the study revealed statistically significant effects of verbal ability, number of contexts and their interaction in deriving meanings of unknown words from contexts.Results also revealed a statistically significant effect of verbal ability on the retention of derived meanings from contexts.


Deriving Meaning , Context, Verbal Ability, Retention

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