The Motives Behind Attending Graduate Studies in Public Jordanian Universities As Seen By Graduate Students in the Academic Year 2002/2003

Bassam Al-Omari


This study aims at knowing the motives behind attending graduate studies in public Jordanian universities in 2002-2003. The researcher developed a questionnaire of two parts:
One for personal information consisted of the independent variables, like gender, age, academic level, and university. The second part consisted of 25 items grouped in five dimensions, with five pargraphs for each dimension.
The sample of the study consisted of 500 randomly stratified selected students from Jordan, Yarmouk, and Mu’tah universities. The results showed no significant differences at (=0.05) level between means in the psychological, cultural, scientific, economic, and social dimensions, attributed to sex, age or academic level.
The results showed that the motives behind attending graduate education in public Jordanian universities were in descending order:
1. Psychological motives.
2. Cultural motives.
3. Scientific motives.
4. Economic motives, and
5. Social motives.
This study has recommended undertaking further studies about different aspects of motives behind attending graduate education in private and public universities, and further comparative studies about motives behind attending university education in its various academic levels.
The study has also recommended undertaking studies about the matching between graduate studies outputs and the needs and requirements of the national economy.

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