The Knowledge Economy and Higher Education in the Arab World

Yazid Isa Soraty


The aim of the study was to analyze the relationship between the knowledge economy and higher education in the Arab world through answering the following questions:
1- What is the effect of the knowledge economy on higher education?
2- Can higher education in the Arab world cope with the knowledge economy?
The results of the study showed that the effect of the knowledge economy on higher education is mainly manifested in:
A. Establishing partnerships between universities and businesses.
B. Making universities centers of research and knowledge production.
C. Making universities provide students with the skills necessary for the knowledge economy.
D. Universities’ adoption of life-long learning.
On the other hand, the results of the study revealed that Arab universities are currently unable to cope efficiently with the challenges and requirements of the knowledge economy because, generally speaking, they depend on consuming old and imported knowledge instead of generating new genuine knowledge, forge weak links with workplaces, give low priority to scientific research, lag behind in information technology, employ old and traditional teaching methods, lack autonomy and do not offer enough access.


The Knowledge Economy, Higher Education, Arab World, Life Long Learning

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