Learning Styles Prefered by Middle School Students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Azizah Abdul-Aziz Al-Mani'


This study investigated the teaching styles that are applied in middle schools in Saudi Arabia as well as students' learning style preferences. Three questions were investigated: What learning styles are prefered most by students? What teaching motivations are included in them? And do learning style preferences of students differ from common teaching styles in middle school?
The study sample was drawn from middle school students in Riyadh, it included (579) students (males and females) in the ninth grade in private and public schools.
Data analysis showed that the learning styles most prefered by students included learning through verbal interaction, learning by doing, and learning together with colleagues. The least prefered learning styles were: learning by rote, autonomous learning, and doing exercises and solving problems. Further, learning styles prefered by students included some motivating dimensions such as interest,challenge, choice, and enjoyment which are rarely used in teaching styles that are the most common.
This means that common teaching styles do not meet students' learning style preferences, therefore, the study recommended that teachers need to employ strategies that are congruent with students' preferences so that their learning outcomes can be optimized. Also, they need to plan instruction in different styles to suit students' choices.


Learning styles, Teaching styles, Education in KSA

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