The Degree of Familiarity of Mutah University Faculty Members with the University Teaching Methods, the Degree of Using These Methods, and Proposed Ways of Developing them

Z. A. Al-Bashaireh, S. M. Al-Rawadhieh, A-H S. Al-Sultani


This study aimed to investigate the degree of familiarity of Mutah University faculty members with the university teaching methods and the degree of using these methods. Furthermore, the study aimed to identify the ways of developing these methods. A sample of (114) faculty members was chosen. The subjects were selected in accordance with the classified random sampling procedure. The researchers designed a special instrument for collecting data. Descriptive statistics and One Way ANOVA were employed to answer the questions of the study.
The following conclusions were reached: (1) The majority of Mutah University faculty members are familiar only with the traditional teaching methods such as lecture, discussion, and problem solving methods. (2) The majority of Mutah University faculty members are mostly using the traditional teaching methods particularly lecture and discussion methods. (3) There were no significant differences in faculty members’ responses concerning using teaching methods due to the college factor. (4) There was a strong and positive relation (at α = 0.01) between the degree of familiarity and the degree of use of the teaching methods.
According to these results, some recommendations and suggestions were made.

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