The Effect of Using the Process Approach to Teach Writing to Basic Stage Students in Jordan on Their Writing Achievement

Hamzah Ali Omari


This study aimed at investigating the effect of using the process writing approach on the writing achievement of tenth-grade EFL students in Jordan. One basic stage school was randomly selected, where one tenth- grade section was taught to write using the process approach, while the other section was taught using the traditional approach.
Means and standard deviations were used to compare the writing scores of the experimental and the control groups. Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) was used to know if those differences were due to the teaching method used.
Results showed that students who were taught using the process writing approach scored significantly higher than those who were taught using the traditional approach with regard to their total writing achievement and with regard to three other writing components (i.e.: message, length, and syntax), whereas no statistically significant differences were found with regard to writing mechanics and organization. It was recommended that EFL teachers as well as curricula planners reconsider the methods of teaching writing, so that more emphasis is given to the writing workshop.

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