The Impact of High school teachers’ Strikes on the Quality of Students’Eeducation and Further Education in The Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Magdaline Tangwe, Pius Tanga


South Africa is plagued by protests, including teachers’ strikes. This study sets out to examine the impact of teachers’ strikes on the quality of education students receive and the subsequent choice of university and programme. A sample of 112 social work students is randomly selected and a semi-structured questionnaire is administered. The findings show that the impact of teachers’ strikes on students’ quality of education and academic performance has been enormous. This has been gauged through the number of years students took to complete Matriculation (end of year) examinations and the number of times they wrote. This has thwarted the academic careers of some students who otherwise would have been in some of the top universities and/or preferred programmes. Hence, learns’ right to quality education is compromised


Matriculation; teachers’ strikes; right to education; academic performance; quality education; poor performance.

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