A Comprehensive Evaluational Study of "Hatim" Magazine, Published by the Jordan Press Foundation- “Al-Ra’i” for Children

Younes Alyounes, Umayya Bakeer, Mohammad Hamdan


The purpose of this comprehensive evaluational study was to investigate the different perspectives of "Hatim" Magazine youngster readers, their parents, and the specialists in the field of child education. The degree of their satisfaction of the Magazine was examined.
After analyzing the content of the first two volumes, three questionnaires were constructed to cover the participants. The first targeted the specialists in the field of child education. It included eight themes: main stories, the stories of adventures and cartoon, entertainment, intellectual thinking, laughter fun people and magazine competition poll, fiction, values and attitudes and magazine production. The second targeted the youngster readers. It included four main parts: form and content, information that connects the child to the magazine, a hierarchal order of the reasons motivating children to read the magazine, the readability level of the magazine topics. An open-end question was included. The participants were asked to write their opinion on what could be included to improve the Magazine publishability. The third targeted the parents of the readers. It included the following main parts: the value of magazine topics, parents’ initiatives, and information related to form and publishability. Also, an open-end question was included. The parents were asked to write their opinion on what could be done to improve the Magazine.
After establishing the validity and reliability of the study tools, they were administered to the study sample: (28) of child education specialists, (665) youngster readers and (319) parents participated in the study.
The findings of the study showed that the Magazine had several strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, it was concluded that the decision-makers involved in the Magazine could build on the strengths and develop strategies to avoid the weaknesses.


Comprehensive Evaluation, Evaluation of Magazine, Chilren Magazine

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