The reality of the use of the Saudi school students to tools of modern technology from the point of their teachers and its relationship with some variables

Mamdoh A. Alanze


This study aimed Find in fact the use of Saudi schools of modern technology tools students from the viewpoint of their teachers , were used descriptive analytical method , and the questionnaire as a tool for the study , and the study population consisted of all school teachers in Jeddah and Riyadh , was chosen as a stratified random sample number of members ( 385 ) teachers.
The study results showed that the level of Saudi schools use modern technology tools from students and teachers point of view came moderately. The results showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the level of use of the Saudi school students differences of modern technology tools from the point of view of teachers, attributed on the variable sex. While statistically significant differences have emerged depending on the qualification of the variable, in favor of qualified scientific (Graduate), and statistically significant differences have emerged depending on the variable experience, in favor of a class (10+ years) when compared with each of the category (less than 5 years) and category ( from5- less than 10 years). Statistically significant differences emerged as a variable depending on the stage, in favor of the middle school teachers.

In light of the findings the study recommended a number of recommendations including: holding training courses for school teachers to promote the use of modern technology tools to review lessons .


reality of use, modern technologies


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