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Editorial Team:
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Khaled M. Al-Fawares;
Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Dr. زيد مصطفى عيادات;
Editorial Secretary: Mrs. Aisha Alissa;

Current Issue: Vol 41 (2014): SUPPLEMENT-1

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An Analysis of the Mathematics Textbook of the Fourth Grade with Respect to the NCTM Standards PDF
Ali M. Al-Zubi, Abdullah M. Al-Obeidan
The Impact of Teaching according to Mathematical Power on Conceptual Understanding of Girls students in Eighth Basic in Jordan PDF
Mohammad Ali Al-Qubeilat, Ahmad Mohammad Al-Migdady
The Effect of Using Alhadabah Strategy on the 10th Grade Students' Achievement in Unit of Islamic Jurisprudence PDF
Ibrahim A. Al zubi
The Effect of Reviewing the Composition Draft in Initial Writing Stage on the Modifications of the Final Writing Stage Accomplished by First-Grade Secondary Students PDF
Yousef Othman Manasra, Ayman Yousef Elayyan
The Impact of an Instructional Program in selected Karate Skills on Developing Dynamic Balance PDF
Yousef Ghassan Malkiah
The Degree of the Availability of the Crisis Management Elements in the Departments of Education in the Governorate of Irbid from the Viewpoint of the Heads of Departments PDF
Maisoun T. Al-Zu'bi
A Computerized Educational Program Based on Cooperative Learning and Its Effect on the Ninth Grade Basic Stage Students’Achievement in Geography and Their Attitudes towards it PDF
Maisoun Ahmed Moh.D Al Dwairi
Effectiveness of Assertiveness Training in Improving Self Esteem and Adjustment among Victims of Bullying Students PDF
Adel G. Tannous, Mohammad K. Alkhawaldeh
The Effect of Cognitive Behavioral Trauma Focused Therapy Model on Sample of War Children's Depression Symptomatology PDF
Jalal K. Damra, Yahia H. Nassar
Visual-Motor/ integration Scale for Children from Two to Seven Years PDF
Tuqa Al-Razouq
Application of Munich Test for Motor Ability Battery in the Middle Aged Children and Percentile Score Determination PDF
Ahmad S. Al-Batayneh, Wasfi M. Khazaa'leh, Aman S. Khasawneh, Khaled M. Al-Atiyat
The Degree of Work Values Practiced Among the Superintendents and their Relationship with Organizational Commitment of the Department Chairpersons Working with them PDF
Muhammad Rushdi Theeb, Rateb AL-Saud
The Practicing Degree of Transformational Leadership by the Private Secondary Schools’ Principals and its Relation to Teachers’ Motivation at Work PDF
Samar Akthem Smeirat, Atef Yusuf Magableh
Characteristics of the Classroom Questions that used by Social and National Education Teachers at UNRWA Schools from their Point of View PDF
Ferial M. Abu Awwad, Odeh A. Abu Sneineh
The Effect of Using Computerized Software on Mathematical Thinking Development of Fifth Grade Students in the City of Arar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia PDF
Arif Farhan Albaker, Hala Alshawwa
Investigating the Differences in Thinking Styles (Analytic Versus Holistic) amongst the Students of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Arts - UNRWA According to Some Variables PDF
Ferial M. Abu Awwad, Saleh M. Abu Jado, Nadia S. Salti
Developing a Gestalt Counseling Program and Rational Emotive Counseling Program and Investigating Their Effectiveness in Reducing Anxiety among University Students PDF
Theeb M. Al-Rowwad, Mohammad N. Hamdi
The Scope of Understanding the Concept of Citizenship By Jordanian University Students PDF
Sameh Mohammed Mahafza
The level of Students’ Awareness of the Self-monitoring Strategy of Reading Comprehension Skills in Jordan and its Relationship with the Desire to Learn PDF
Sereen M. Jubran, Fadi S. Samawi, Naifa H. Alshoubaki
Al-Imam Al Shafi’s views about some Pre-Islamic Traditions A Presentation and an Analysis PDF
Omar Alfajjawi, Tawfeeq Omari Omari, Amjad Qourshah
The Level of Citizenship and Belongingness among the Workers of Jordanian Institutions " Sociological Applied Study " PDF
Hussein Al-Khuzaa, Eman Al-Shamayleh

ISSN: 1026-3713