The Growth Characteritics of Acanthobrama marmid (Heckel, 1843) in Tishreen Lake (Euphrate River)

Zouhir A. Al-Majid


In this study, some biological characteristics of Acanthobrama marmid from Tishreen lake (Euphrate River) which includes: sex and age composition, length and weight composition, growth in length and weight for males and females were tested. The sex ratio of males and females in 389 specimens from age groups I-V was %36.501and %63.494, respectively. This ratio 1shows significant difference from the expected 1:

No significant difference was registered in the length and weight of females and males in the age groups I, II, ( ), while a significant difference was observed within the age groups III, IV, and V ( ).

The estimated growth constant of Von Bertalanffy model in length of males and females were:

mm, g, year, (males),

mm, g, year, (females).

The formulae represeting the relationship between weight and length of males and females were:

and  respectively.

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Sex and Age Composition, Length and Weight Composition, Growth, Acanthobrama Marmid, Teshreen Lake.

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