Effect of Four Rootstocks on Fruit Quality of 'Washington Navel' Sweet Orange under Jordan Valley Condition

Hani D. Ghnaim, Jalal A. Al-Muhtaseb


Fruit quality of ‘Washington Navel’ sweet orange grafted on four rootstocks: sour orange (Citrus aurantium), ‘Cleopatra’ mandarin (Citrus reticulata), Citrus volkameriana and Citrus Macrophylla was evaluated under Jordan Valley condition during the season of 2000. Fruits of ‘Washington Navel’ orange trees grafted on C. macrophylla increased average fruit weight compared with those on ‘Cleopatra’ mandarin. Also, fruits of trees grafted on C. macrophylla significantly gave the highest fruit length, diameter and the thickest rind, and the least values were on ‘Cleopatra’ mandarin and sour orange. Fruit juice percentage was increased when trees were grafted on C. volkameriana compared with those on C. macrophylla which gave the least juice percentage. The highest fruit TSS percentage was for fruits of tree grafted on sour orange while the least was for those grafted on both C. volkameriana and C. macrophylla.

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Fruit quality, Washington Navel, sweet orange, (Citrus sinensis), rootstocks

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