Formulating Least Cost Rations for Brown Eggs Layers Using Linear Programming Technique

Rafh M. Taher


This study aims to formulate least cost balanced rations by using the linear programming technique for brown eggs layers at the different stages of rearing period using feed ingredients available in the Iraqi local market in order to reduce the cost of eggs production. The feed ingredients used were: local and hybrid corn, first and second class wheat, soybean meal less or higher than 44% crude protein, barley, protein concentrate, wheat bran, limestone, dicalcium phosphate, vitamin mineral mixture, salt, soybean oil. The results indicated that the least cost balanced rations can be obtained by not restricting the level of any of feed ingredients and the rations costs were (163.2, 132.8, 121.8, 141.9, 199.6) U.S.Dollars for the periods (0 – 6, 6 – 12, 12 -18) weeks, (18 weeks – start of production), (production period), respectively. Each of the local and hybrid corn, low protein soybean meal and barley were not used in the optimal rations. Adding constraints and excluding one or both of soybean oil and protein concentrate or including the level of corn caused increasing rations cost. Sensitivity analysis indicated that the constraints of the levels of lysine and methionine were the most nutrients that increased the cost of rations.

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brown eggs layers, formulating, least cost rations

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