Effect of Irrigation Treatments on the Growth and Yield of Two Rice Cultivars Amber Baghdad and Amber Munathera

Abd Al Kareem Kadum, Shatha Yousif, Flayyeh Jabir, Jasab Ulaywi, Hussain Kadum


A field trial was carried out at the Rice Research Station in Mushkhab (Najaf/ south of Iraq) during 2006 growing seasons. The experiment was laid in split plot with three replications. Each replication involved six treatments of three irrigation intervals, continuously flooded, daily and once every two days.

Results showed that there were no significant differences between cultivars and irrigation treatments in all measurements except for plant height; the highest plant height was obtained at two days interval irrigation. The interaction between the irrigation treatments and cultivars was shown to affect plant height, number of tillers/m2 and percentage of sterility.

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Rice, Irrigation Treatments

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