Outbreak of Sarcoptes scabiei Infestation in a Flock of Sheep in Palestine (Scientific Note)

Salameh Barhoom, Baha Eddin Abu Bakr


During April to August 2007, An outbreak of Sarcoptes scabiei mange occurred in a flock of sheep(Awassi and East-Friesian breeds)as investigated in Tulkarem, Palestine. Skin lesions were confined to the lips, nostrils, ears, face, and characterized by pruritus, initiated by erythema, papule formation, alopecia and scab formation. Animals were suffering from emaciation, weakness and reduce in milk production. The morbidity rate was 100%. Sarcoptes scabiei and their developmental stages were demonstrated microscopically in the skin scrapings .

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Sarcoptes scabiei, Mange, Pruritus, Acarology, Mite, Clinical, Sheep, Palestine

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