Develpoment of Tetraploid Wheat Plants with Monosomic Addition from Genome D of Bread Wheat, CV Saberbeg

Nada A. Al-Ansari, Batool A. Shahab, Nagham E. Aboudi


The tetraploid wheat cultivar Sin Aljamel (2n = 4x =28) AABB was crossed to the bread wheat cultivar Saberbeg (2n = 6x = 42). Chromosome configurations were recorded at meiotic metaphase I in pollen mother cells (PMCs) of F1 plants. 14 II + 7 I occurred in most of the cells. The F1 hybrid plants were selfed for two generations. Chromosome numbers in pentaploid - derived F3 were determined in randomly chosen 190 seedlings; those with 29 chromosomes were selected. Chromosomes behavior in PMCs of 13 plants was investigated. The pairing figure in 12 plants was 14II + 1 I in most of the cells, led to the conclusion that the univalent chromosome belongs to the D genome. In one plant, no univalent was observed; the chromosomes paired in 13 II + 1 III in all the cells; it was concluded that the extra chromosome belongs either to A or B genome. Screening the lagging chromosomes in anaphase I and telophase I, and karyotype analysis reveals that the added chromosome is metacentric in some plants and submetacentric in the others. These plants will be subjected for further chromosomal and genetics' investigations and will be manipulated in wheat breeding and improvement.

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Bread Wheat, Tetraploid Wheat, Pentaploid Hybrid, Genome D, Monosomic Addition Line, Chromosome Behavior, Karyotype.

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