Susceptibility of Some Fig (Ficus carica L.) Cultivars to Fig Wax Scale Ceroplastes rusci L. (Homoptera: Coccidae) in Jordan

R. Awamleh, T. Al-Antary, H. Bilal


The susceptibility of seven fig, Ficus carica L. cultivars namely: Ajlouni, Byadi, Khartamoni, Khdari, Mwazi, Humari and Zraki to fig wax scale, Ceroplastes rusci L., was evaluated in 2006. Results showed that there were no fig cultivars immune to this pest, but some cultivars showed more susceptible than the others. Two months after infestation, Khdari had the highest number of scales, followed by Zraki, Byadi, and Mwazi, respectively, whereas the infestation level of Ajlouni, Khartamoni and Humari were as a minimum. Zraki had the highest percentage of insect survival two months after infestation. Distribution of scales over the transplants differed significantly. The highest number of scales was monitored on leaves of Zraki, while twigs and leaf petioles of Khdari were occupied with greatest number of wax scale. Results from the field survey confirmed the differences in susceptibility among different fig cultivars, with Khdari and Mwazi had the highest infestation level followed by Ajlouni and Humari, while the other cultivars showed intermediate infestation levels.

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Ficus Carica, Cultivars, Ceroplastes Rusci, Susceptibility, Jordan.

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