Effect of Separating Systems Design of Potato Diggers on Quantitative and Qualitative Loss of Crop

Arkan M. Sadeeq, Saad A. Al-Rajaboo


The research was carried out in silt sandy soil in Mosul City. Three ground speeds (1.5, 2 & 2.5) km/h , and two relative speed (1.38 & 1.15) for separation device were used to determine their effects on the quantitative & qualitative crop loss for both lifters (The first one is locally designed lifter with cylindrical separation system and the second one is traditional with vibrating chain separation system). The most important results obtained from the statistical analyses of experiment data, were as following: There was significant difference between the two separation devices of lifting machines in its effects on all the studied properties (quantitative loss , undamaged tubers, slightly damaged tubers and severely damaged tubers) with better results obtained by the locally designed lifter (cylindrical separation system) than the traditional one. Also there was significant difference of relative speed at the property of undamaged tubers and the quantitative loss with better results obtained at (1.15) relative speed. This factor has no effect on the other properties. Significant differences appeared between the effects of ground speeds of the lifting operation on property of undamaged tubers only, with better results obtained at (1.5) km/h, speed. The ground speeds showed no effect on the other properties.

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Seperation System, Potatao Diggers, Qualitative Loss.

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