Preservation of Semolina with Gamma Irradiation and Studying its Effect on Physiochemical and Rheological Characteristics of Semolina During Six Months Storage Period

Firas S. Azzeh, Ayed Sh. Amr


This study was conducted to extend semolina shelf life using optimum gamma irradiation dose. In addition, the effect of gamma irradiation before and after milling of durum wheat on the physiochemical and rheological properties of semolina during six months of storage was investigated.

Irradiation doses as low as 0.25 and 1 kGy were effective in controlling insect infestation in semolina and durum wheat kernels during six months storage period, respectively. Ash, protein, water content and fat acidity were not influenced with gamma irradiation, while Falling Number decreased with increasing irradiation dose. Irradiation adversely affected wet gluten, dry gluten and gluten index at 5 kGy dose. The 0.25 kGy irradiated semolina before and milling of durum wheat grains decreased carotene absorbance to 10.3% and 14.1%, respectively. However, semolina water absorption was increased with increasing irradiation dose and storage period. Dough stability was deteriorated with increasing irradiation dose, whereas it improved with storage for irradiated and unirradiated samples.

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Gamma Irradiation, Semolina Preservation, Durum Wheat

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