Eating Disturbances in Adolescent Girls: (A Review)

Tamara Y. Mousa, Hayder A. Al-Domi, Rima H. Mashal


This review examines eating disturbances in adolescent girls, the predisposing causes and medical complications that are related to these disturbances.

The keywords, eating disorders, body dissatisfaction, medical complications and risk factors of eating disorders were used in the electronic database. Articles addressing these issues were selected for reviewing.

Adolescent girls are preoccupied with their body weight and shape because of pubertal changes, social and cultural norms as well. This preoccupation has initiated eating and body image disturbances.

Interventional methods addressing eating disorders in adolescent girls are needed, which should focus on both, behavioral and environmental changes.

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Eating Disorders, Body Image Dissatisfaction, Adolescent Girls

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