Measuring the Degree of Market Power among Main Countries Exporting Rice to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sobhy M. Ismaiel, Khalid N. Al-rwis


The objective of this study is to analyze the market power among rice exporters to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The inverse ealsticities of rice residual-demand for rice imports from competitive rice exporters were estimated and relied on to indicate the extent of market power for rice exporters to the kingdom. The results indicate that both India and Pakistan enjoy market power in Saudi rice importing market, while Egypt, Australia and USA have no market power in Saudi rice importing market.

Based on the findings of this study it’d highly recommended for Saudi Arabia to diversify it’s rice imports among countries as well as among rice verities, to avoid market pressure of some exporting countries and to satisfy the goals of food security. Consumer's should ration their consumption of rice and reduce rice waste. Also, other locally produced carbohydrates food (potatoes and wheat) should substitute significant amount of rice consumption in Saudi Arabia.


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Market Power, Residual Demand Model, Inverse Demand Elasticity, Saudi Rice Imports

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