Effect of Boron Fertilization on Growth, Yield and Quality of Some Sunflower Cultivars (Helianthus annuus L.)

Ayad T. shaker, Saad A. Mohammed


A field experiment on sunflower was conducted during the growing seasons of  2005 and 2006 at Al-Quba field-Mosul city to determine the effect of boron {0.0 (control), 5 and 10 B mg.l-1 sprayed on the leaves, 1 and 1.6kg Boric acid ha-1 added to the soil} on growth, yield and quality of three sunflower cultivars (coban, peredovik and Iraqi flower). Randomized complete block design with three replications was used. The results showed that 5mg L-1 Boron spraying on leave plants or adding Boric acid at level 1.6kg ha-1 had a significant superiority on head diameter, weight of 1000 seeds, fertility percentage, seed and oil yield for both seasons. Peredovik variety was superior for most yield components and quality. The interaction of peredovik variety with boron (5 mg l-1 spraying or with 1.6 kg ha-1 adding to the soil ) gave a high value on seed yield, which increased up to 3.43, 3.34 ton ha-1 in 2005 and up to 3.61,3.62 ton ha-1 in 2006. Maximum oil yield had seen at interaction between peredovik variety with boron spraying (5 mg l-1) for both seasons.

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Sun Flower, Boron, Cultivars, Seed and Oil Yield

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