Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Iraqi Wheat Varieties and their Relationship with Bread Characteristics

Jalal A. Fadhl, Sa’oud R. Al-A’ani, Farouq F. Al-Noori, Ahmad S. Sajet


The results showed that the volume of the bread baked from wheat flour of Tammoze 3 was increased significantly compared to other wheat varieties. Maxiback flour gave the smallest bread volume; whereas Abugraib and Rabi’ah bread were not significantly different. Abugraib wheat was not significantly different from Rabi’ah bread. The taste panel results were compatible with baking results. Tammoze 3 was the highest in one thousand grain weight and total protein percentage. Rabi’ah wheat flour was superior in water absorption.
Among the tested wheat flour varieties, maxiback flour showed best fat content. Amylases and proteases activities were higher in wheat grains than in flours. Protease activity was the highest in Maxiback flour; whereas in Tammoze 3 it was the lowest.

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