The Effect of Managerial Communications on Career Path in Insurance Companies in Jordan

Bandar K AbuTayeh


This study aimed to examine the effect of managerial on career path in insurance companies in Jordan. To fulfill this aims, this study applied the analytical approach and a questionnaire was employed to collect data and test research hypotheses. 237 valid surveys formed the research sample. Results showed a positive effect of managerial communication on career path. Results revealed a significant effect of managerial communication dimensions on career qualifying, autonomy, and innovation as career path dimensions. Furthermore, results did not show a significant effect of managerial communication on job security. The study recommended that the insurance companies in Jordan should pay attention to the role of managerial communication in developing career path by using formal and informal communications channels, clarifying work policies and opportunities, providing employees the needed information related to their jobs, tasks, and performance, and encourage autonomy and innovation in work.


Career path, Managerial communication, Insurance companies, Jordan


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