The Reality of the Application of University Governance in the Libyan Governmental University Education -A Critical Study-

Jamila Said Ghamber


This study aimed to identify the trends of the educational governance in Libyan governmental universities, through a review of the literature and research related to and discussed some aspects of the quality of performance and independence, transparency, participation and accountability.
The study concluded that in fact Libyan governmental universities reflects deficiencies in aspects of quality performance, also laws and regulations to the work of these universities doesn't enhance their independence in important administrative, financial, and scientific decision-making, these universities suffer from weakness in communication and transparency, the lack of mechanisms that promote participation with all relevant parties, and the low level of accountability which led to the violation to take several decisions led to the decline and deterioration of the Libyan university education without the accountability of who are responsible.


educational governance, independence, transparency, participation, accountability.


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