The Extent to Which Restructuring of Salaries and Bonuses Achieve Distributive Justice

Abeer A. Alqirem, Adel Y Alshamayleh


This study aims to investigate what extent the program of "The Restructuring of Salaries and Bonuses" has achieved the principle of distributive justice. It emphasized the employees of Jordanian ministries and independent organizations to collect data.
To achieve the objectives of this study and to answer its questions, the researcher developed a questionnaire composed of (37) paragraphs, it addressed detailed questions to include the overall major points of the research. It was conducted to test the reliability and validity of it, which was distributed to a sample of (245) employees in Jordanian ministries and independent organizations. And (245) questionnaires were returned constituting (100%) of the total distributed questionnaires. The appropriate statistical methods were used for analyzing the data and testing the hypothesis of the study.
The study showed that the restructuring factors (salaries and bonuses) had a significant statistical effect on the distributive justice, and in this research we can recommend stating the factors of restricting salaries and bonuses which has affirmative results regarding the distributive justice.


Restructuring, Salaries, Bonuses, Distributive Justice.


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