The Impact of (Emotional Intelligence) on The Organizational Citizenship's Behavior From the Perspective of Faculty Members at Private Universities in North Province

Mohammed T Al-Batayneh, Suzan M O'toum


The study aimed to demonstrate the impact of emotional Intelligence on the organizational citizenship's behavior from the perspective of faculty members working in private universities in North Province as they are the study community.135 members received a questionnaire, 120 valid for analysis questionnaires have been recovered, presenting a rate of 89%, which is an acceptable ratio statistically wise in a similar field researches.The most prominent finding by researchers was to have a statistically significant effect on members of the faculty at private universities / N.P. for the following elements:Self-awareness, Awareness and understanding of emotions of others, Realization of human relationship on organizational citizenship. The lack of impact on faculty members for private universities / N.P. appears as statistically insignificant of the elements of:Self-management Self-stimulation on organizational citizenship. Regarding these findings, the researchers recommended that (Efforts should be taken place to increase the abilities of faculty members to improve their capabilities to lead the emotions of others and to motivate and mobilizes these emotions).


Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Citizenship, self-awareness, stimulate self, self Management, Human Relations, awareness and understanding of the emotions of others, Motivation, North Province (P.N.).


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