Quality of Health Service in Government Hospitals Operating in the Southern Part of the West Bank

Ra'ed A AbuEid, AbedAlqader Darawesh, Fadel Aydah


This research aimed to assess the quality of health service in government hospitals operating in the southern part of the West Bank, using SERVPERF scale from the viewpoint of the Clients and patients. A questionnaire, designed by the researchers, consisting of five dimensions, has been distributed on a stratified random sample of Clients and patients a. The number of the sample is (352) members, and then the data were analyzed statistically by SPSS program and the study concluded that The level of the quality of the health service according to SERVPERF scale from the point of view of patients and Clients was medium for all dimensions of the study. The study recommended that the administrations of hospitals should pay further attention to the assessment of Clients and patients to quality of health service, because the assessment of service by the recipients of the service is an essential component of quality both locally and internationally. Assessment should be considered a continuous and periodical process. The study also recommended that the administrations of hospitals should exert pressure on the Ministry of Health to build new government hospitals in the southern part of the West Bank because of the high density of population and the lack of the ability of these hospitals to offer the appropriate service, as well as to community's need for the existence of these hospitals.

Keywords: Health Service Quality, Hospitals, SERVPERF.


Health Service Quality, Hospitals, SERVPERF


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