The Effect of Suppliers’ Relationship and Customers’ Relationship on Jordanian Industrial Organizational Performance, throw Using The Supply Chain Performance as A Mediating Variable

Ishaq Al-Sha'ar, Nidal Zalloom Hamdan, Hamdan Al-Awamleh


In today’s growing economy, and competition environment all organization aim to increase their performance and they are getting competitive advantage. The suppliers’ relationship and customers’ relationship are the most important factors that affect organizational performance. So this study aims to demonstrate the effect of (suppliers’ relationships, customers’ relationships) on Jordanian industrial organizational performance in the light of the supply chain performance. Data was collected from (133) Organizations which are still operating in Jordan. The data was analyzed using structural equation modeling techniques Amos (v.16) to evaluate the path model, confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was performed to examine the reliability and validity of the measurement. The study found that the (suppliers relationships, customers relationships) positively affect the organizational and supply chain performance. Another significant results of this study indicated that the supply chain performance positively affects the organizational performance. Moreover, results indicate that supply chain performance do not mediate the impact of (suppliers relationships, customers relationships) on organizational performance. The study recommended the need to improve the level of coordination and cooperation between the organization and its suppliers in various decisions domains.


Supply Chain Performance, Organizational Performance, Customers Relationships, Suppliers Relationships.


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