The Impact Of Strategic Human Resource Management To Achieve A Competitive Advantage (Applied Study)

Zyad A Al-Shawabkeh


The study aimed to identify the impact of Strategic Human Resource Management to achieve a competitive advantage in Jordan telecom companies from the view of directors at such business. An exploratory survey was distributed to all companies that offer communication services that totaled to 34 participants. 160 questionnaires were distributed and 130 were retained, and valid for analysis. The analysis showed that Strategic Human Resource Management influenced the morale of achieving a competitive advantage. A statistically significant impact was found in cost reducing, improving quality, increasing flexibility and innovation. The researcher recommends Telecom companies to training staff constantly so as to be able to adapt and deal with highly skilled environmental changes,. In addition, the study recommends further investigation of the impact of Strategic Human Resource Management and competitive advantage in different industry sectors.


Strategic Human Resource Management, Competitive advantage, Jordan telecom.


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