The Impact of Work Pressure on the Level of Job Alienation from the Perspective of Employees in AL_Isra Hospital “Case Study"

Mohammad A Abu-Rumman, Amani A Al-Zyadat, Dua'a N Al-Atiat


The purpose of this study is to identify the impact of the work stress on the job alienation for employees in Isra Hospital and to identify the sources of these pressures. This study tries to provide recommendations that contribute to alleviate these pressures.It was chosen a stratified sample of (140) employees in Isra Hospital, where the study population divided into three layers include: administrators, doctors, and nurses. The data was collected by distributing the questionnaires to the employees and (111) questionnaires were retrieved. The questionnaires were suitable for statistical analysis and the data were analyzed by using (SPSS) package.The researchers extracted the ratios and frequencies. The descriptive analytic methods were used to describe and analyze sample responses. The researchers used a single regressive and one way Anova to prove hypotheses. The findings of this study indicate that there is no statistically significant impact regard the ambiguity role on job alienation. In addition there is statistically significant impact in conflict role, the burden of the role, the opportunities of growth and career advancement on job alienation.


Work Stress, Role Ambiguity, Role Conflict, Work Load, Progress and Career Growth, Opportunities.


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