The Impact of The Global Financial Crisis on the Total Assets of Islamic Banks and Profits “Case Study”

Hana M Honaiti


The study aims to find out the impact of the global financial crisis on the total assets and profits of Jordan Islamic Bank, was to rely on published financial reports of the Bank for the period of 2000 - 2013 in order to determine it. The study included financial statements covering a period of seven years before the global financial crisis, and seven years after the global financial crisis. It was the use of complex assets, and net profit after tax was also used test (Paired Sample T-test) to test the hypotheses of the study.
The study found the presence of statistically significant differences in total assets and net profit for the Jordan Islamic Bank for Finance and Investment for the period before and after the global financial crisis, as there was a positive impact of the global financial crisis, which has increased the total assets after the crisis, and increased the bank's profits, and recommended that the study of Islamic banks need to encourage methods of financing based on profit and loss and diversification to open the area to increase its assets and higher profits.


financial Crisis, Islamic Banks.


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