The Effect of E-Marketing on Achieving Banks Clients' Satisfaction: Case Study (Bank of Jordan)

Feras Muslem Abo-Qaood, Emad Ahmad Al-Dhaimat


The study aimed to identify the effect of E-marketing on achieving clients satisfaction in Bank of Jordan (case study) and measuring the effect of E-Marketing through diversification of the E-Communication means represented by the Website, Mobile Phone and ATM in providing E-Services. This helps the Bank in achieving client's satisfaction, ensuring their loyalty to the bank, attracting new clients and improving its competitive position. The study has adopted two main Hypotheses focused on the role of E-Marketing by E-Services and E-Communication means in achieving clients' satisfaction in the Bank of Jordan. The Data were collected from clients Society in Amman by using randomly sampling method. A total of 340 clients took part in the present study. The study has reached two main important results; first, There is an effect of E-Marketing via E-Services on achieving clients' satisfaction in Bank of Jordan. Second, There is an effect of E-Marketing on achieving clients' satisfaction Through diversification of the E-Communication means.


E-Marketing, E-Banking Services, Clients' Satisfaction.


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