The effect of the Relationship Between INTSERVQUAL and EXTSERVQUAL on the Internal Customer's Satsfaction as Variable Rate: Case Study on the Full-Service Restaurants in Amman

Suleiman .A Al Khattab, As'ad H. Abu Rumman, Nada A. Al Rawabdeh


This study aims to investigate the relationship between INTSERVQUAL and EXTSERVQUAL into the full- services restaurants in Amman, and to investgate the effect of internal customer's satisfaction on the EXTSERVQUAL that's provided to customers. The two survey instruments in a questionnaire form were designed to achieve the aims of this study. The first one, was developed for internal customers in order to measure the INTSERVQUAL dimensions which included (9) dimenstions. 200 quastinners have been destrbuted and (170) usable quasstionners were retrived, which represents (85%). The second questionnaire was designed to measure the EXTSERVQUAL dimenstions which included (6) dimensions. 450 questionnaire have been distributed and (320) usable questionnaires were retrieved which represents (71%) response rate. The findings indicated that the most influential dimensions of the INTSERVQUAL dimensions on EXSERVQUAL are reliability, assurance and empathy. Also, the results showed, that the internal customer's stasfaction has a significant impact on the INSERVQUAL, and thus impacts on the EXSERVQUAL that proveded to the customers.


Internal Customer, INTSERVQUAL, EXSERVQUAL, Full- Services Restaurants, Jordan


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