The Effect of Human Resources Management's Strategies on Functional Performance: a Field Study from the Perspective of Managers of Commercial Banking Jordan/ Irbid Distric

Mohammad T. Al-Bataineh


Contemporary organizations are keen to develop strategies of all functions and activities needed to improve their performance and achieve success of the business, human resources is one of the most important functions in the organization, hence, it was necessary to develop strategies for HR management, that consist and integrated with other strategies and thus, the success and excellence of the organization.
The aim of the study was to demonstrate the effect of HR management s strategies on functional performance, as a field study shows commercial banks of Jordan s management perspective they present the society of the study, they were (87) random sample, questionnaire was distributed for all of them, (74) answered once been reclaimed which present 87% valid for the statistical analysis.
The study reached to conclusion of:
Existence of positive significant correlation between each of the recruitment strategy and development strategy as well as with strategies training and functional performance.
Lack of positive correlation between the compensation strategy and functional strategy.
Depending on these results, the researcher recommended:
Pay a great attention and focus on the strategy of compensation.
Provide rich information about the organization for the applicants who are interested to work out.
Development of standard for promotion based on experience and qualification.


HR Strategy. Recruitment Strategy, Development of Strategy, Compensation Strategy, Training Strategy


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