The Effect of Applying Six Sigma Standards in Innovation, Development Strategyand Differentiation Strategy: An Empirical Study on Jordan Modern Ready Mix Concrete Factories in Manaseer Group in Jordan

Amjad F Tweqat, Mohammad AlNiaimi, Musa Almanaseer


The study aimed to investigate the impact of using Sigma standards in innovation, development and differentiation Jordanian manufacturing companies in general and particularly on the concrete factories within Manaseer Group. This group consist of (9) factories located in (Aqaba, Sweillah, Almqableen, Marka) and due to the limitation of the sample, we used all the employees of these factories (115) employee. We collected data thru the use of questionnaire. We received (100) questionnaire back. The researchers used statistical descriptive analysis. We used the simple and multiple regressions in data analysis and test the hypothesis such as mean and the standard deviation. The study reached the following conclusions.
- There is a statistically impact of standard Six Sigma in the development and innovation strategy.
- There is a statistically impact of standard Six Sigma in the differentiation strategy.
- There is a statistically significant impact of standard Six Sigma in the development, innovation and differentiation strategy.
The study reached the following recommendations:
1. To expand the usage of sigma six on Jordan Modern Ready Mix Concrete factory due to its importance in increasing product quality, decrease the percentage of damaged products. This could only be accomplished by creating the necessary environment and the infrastructure to apply the six sigma
2. If six sigma is adopted, it will make the Manaseer groups leading companies, and be able to compete with other big companies in the concrete industry. This is all due to their high quality products, and cost effectiveness of their products.
3. Establish training programs to their workers in order to expand their knowledge of the importance of six sigma and its implications.
4. To reevaluate the variable elements investigated and emphasize the new limited outcomes such as focus of customers and the support of senior management.
5. Adopt six sigma strategy based on the study conclusion.
6. Continuous improvement that based on new refinements makes corporations especially Manaseer group able to meet consumers demands and innovative.
7. Have the senior managements on the subject companies adopt a complete program for feed counterproductive according to six sigma standards.


Six sigma, innovation Strategy, development Strategy, differentiation Strategy, Jordan Modern Ready Mix concrete (Manaseer Group).


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