Classifying Jordanian Hotels Based on their TQM Implementations

Mukhles M. Al-Ababneh


This study aims at classifing hotels in Jordan into groups based on their Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation. Using a survey methodology, the TQM questionnaire was designed to measure the level of TQM implementation throughout Critical Success Factors (CSFs) which are necessary for TQM implementation. A total of 345 TQM questionnaires were distributed to managers, working in 17 four- and five-star Jordanian hotels. The researcher obtained 227 usable TQM questionnaires. The results classified Jordanian hotels based on the CSFs for TQM implementation. More specifically, using cluster analysis on the CSFs of TQM resulted in two groups of hotels: ‘low TQM adopters’ and ‘high TQM adopters’. These two groups showed significant differences across the TQM CSFs.


Total Quality Management (TQM), Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Hotels in Jordan

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