The Impact of Social Marketing and Application of Social Responsibility in Enhancing the Quality of Educational Services: A Field Study on the Private Schools and Cultural Centers in Maan City

Suleiman Ahmed AL khattab, Mohmmad Abbas Alhaj, Abdullah Saliem Al Darawsheh, Islam Mohmmad Abu Shareah


This study aimed to identify the impact of social marketing and application of social responsibility in enhancing the quality of educational services on the private schools and cultural centers in Maan city. It also aimed to find out the employees' point of views towards their evaluations of social responsibility with regard to quality of educational services, and what are the most advantages accruing in applying social responsibility for these schools and centers. In order to achieve the aims of the study, a specific questionnaire was developed and circulated the schools and centers which represent (7), 64 usable questionnaires were retried out of the (80) circulated, with represent (80%) response rate. For testing the study's hypotheses and data analyzing many statistical have been used such as regression and one way ANOVA. The results indicated that there is significant impact for social marketing and social responsibility in enhancing the quality of educational services. The results also showed that the application of social responsibility had positive reputation and imperative image of schools and centers in their community. Finally, many recommendations were presented at the end of this study.


Social Marketing, Social Responsibility, Quality of Educational Services Private Schools and Cultural Centers

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