Consumer's Attitudes Toward Consumption Issues in Jordan

Mohammed Obeidat, Yasmine Al-Sarabi


This study aims to identify the consumers attitudes toward some consumption issues such as, product information, product safety, Advertising; the governmental protection procedures, practices done by competition Authority, and consumer movement activities. A convenience sample was taken consists of housewives & husbands the size of the sample were (1000) items, the responses reached (750%) of total sample.
The study examined the attitudes of consumers toward issues mentioned above and the results of the study were as follow:
- Consumers were more positive toward product information, product safety, procedures taking by government to protect consumers, and consumer movement actions & practices to protect consumers.
- Consumers were more positive toward Advertisements, and the practices of competition Authority located in the ministry of industry and commerce.
- The study recommended the following:
- In order, to establish strong consumer movement in the country, government should develop legal and independent government's agency or institution with modern law for consumer protection.
- In order To spread the culture of competition in the country we should have an independent Authority of competition far away from the supervision of the ministry of industry and commerce.
Finally, government should strengthen legally and financially the local consumer protection organization in the country in order to help them executing its mission and objectives as well.


Consumers, Attitudes, Consumption, Jordan.

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