The Impact of Knowledge Management in the Development of a Culture of Excellence: An Empirical Study of the Commercial Banks Operating in the City of Tabuk

Wasfi Abd Al-Kareem Kasasbeh


This study aims to measure the Impact of knowledge management in developing a culture of excellence in commercial banks Operate in the city of Tabuk in. The researcher applied descriptive and analytical methods to display the concepts related to the subject of the study. The study examined all of the 12 banks operating in the city of Tabuk with their 28 branches(census), and all senior and middle managers working in these branches (119 observation).
To carry out the study, a questionnaire consisting of (28) items was designed to collect data from the study's population. Accordingly, data were collected and analyzed and hypotheses were tested using the Statistical Package for social sciences (SPSS). The study found that the level of the employees' evaluation of the dimensions of the knowledge management was significantly high. The findings also showed the existence of a statistically significant effect to the dimensions of knowledge management in the culture of excellence. According to the Beta coefficients, the indicator of knowledge apply occupied first rank, followed by the indicators of knowledge generation, distribution of knowledge, and knowledge storage.
Finally, the study presented a group of recommendations to the banks and the researchers in order to use knowledge management in the development of the culture of excellence, and conducting new studies on the role of knowledge management in developing the culture of excellence in the commercial banks working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in other fields using the indicators of this study and other indicators, especially in areas not covered by this research, in order to examine the results that have been found.


Knowledge Management, Creating Knowledge, Storing Knowledge, Distributing Knowledge, Applying Knowledge, and Culture of Excellence

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