Organizational Justice and its Impact on Improvement the Performance Efficiency of the Industrial Companies A Case Study of Jordanian Potash Company

Laith Alqhiwi


The study aimed at identifying the level of the employee’s perception of the organizational justice and its dimensions in the Jordanian Potash Company and impact of such perception on improvement the performance efficiency in the mention company. To achieve the study objectives, a questionnaire composed of (54) items has been prepared. The tool sincerity has been tested by being presented to a set of referees. The internal consistency of the questionnaire’s items has been tested using Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient; the overall reliability coefficient of the tool has been (0.91). The study concludes a number of results, including:
1. The results refer to the level of the employee’s perception to the organizational justice concept and its dimensions in the Jordanian Potash Company were (high). Also, the analysis results show that the employee’s performance efficiency level in the Jordanian Potash Company was (high).
2. There is a statistically significant impact at the significance level (α = 0.05) for the organizational justice dimensions (distributive justice, procedural justice, dealing's justice, and evaluative justice), in any one from the dimensions of improvement the employee’s performance efficiency in the Jordanian Potash Company.
In the light of the foregoing results, the study arrival to a number of recommendations and suggestions


Organizational Justice, Performance Efficiency, Potash Company, Jordan.

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