Behavioral Responses to Sales Promotion Tools from Jordanian Consumer’s Viewpoint

M. Awwad, S. Majali


This study investigates the behavioral responses of Jordanian consumer towards a number of sales promotion tools used by retailers, these responses are brand switching, purchase acceleration, stockpiling, product trial, additional spending, while sales promotion tools that were used in this study was the price discounts, buy one get one free, free gifts, bonus backs, in-store demonstrations, coupons, free samples, and scratch and win.
The study was carried on a sample of 261 consumers while they were in different shopping malls in Amman city.
The results of the study indicated that the sales promotion tools can be divided into three groups in terms of their effectiveness in raising behavioral responses. The first group includes the most effective tools (free samples, price discounts, buy one get one free, in-store demonstrations), while the second group includes moderate effective tools (bonus back and free gifts) and, finally, the third group includes the less effective tools (coupons and scratch and win). Recommendations are presented, along with suggested directions for future research.


Sales Promotion Tools, Behavioral Responses, Convenience Goods, Jordan.

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